About AWCS

sdfsAlgeria and the world center of studies (AWCS), is the fruit of wide consultation among Algerian experts, intellectuals, journalists, scholars and activists who found that it’s time to group the energies and capabilities in order to think about Algeria past, present and future in the context of the world.

This consultation resulted in the creation of AWCS as a forum for exchange, brainstorming, group thinking, communication, research and proposition force that contribute to the debate of Algeria and it’s relations with the world.

We believe that to advance in the modern world will not be possible without powerful ideas, structured thinking, and visionary paradigm.

Every Nation-State is facing multitude of challenges, economic development requirements, social demands, security threats, those challenges will be more hard-hitting if we don’t think about them.

AWCS will specialise in Algeria and its international relationship with every single nation in the planet. The core activities will be divided into the following main sections:

  1. Regroup in one place all research and publication related to the specialisation of AWCS. The website of the center will act as one stop digital library for this matter.
  2. Regroup experts, scholars, students, journalists, from across subjects to research and debate Algeria and its international relationship and issues.
  3. Introduce and connect with all experts from any parts of the world who put Algeria as part of their research activities.
  4. Publication of special reports, prepared by various contributors.
  5. Issuing half yearly report, in two languages: Arabic and English
  6. Publication of yearly journal
  7. Hosting special events and group debates,
  8. Holding topical meetings, lectures, and organizing conferences.

The areas of expertise of AWCS are divided by continent, each continent divided in regions and each region to various countries and also the relationship of Algeria and regional or international organisation.

The commitment of the Center’s is to provide useful and realistic analysis, that can let us understand the challenges of globalisation, and cope with those challenges in practical way..

Our aim is to contribute to the public debate, and to put a milestone in a long process of thinking together about Algeria future and position in the modern world.

Riadh Haoui

Director of AWCS