Advisory Board

Tarek B Chamkhi Born 1970, Tunis, Tunisia


Holds BA in Political & Administrative sciences from Lebanese University, and qualifications recognized as equivalent to Australian BA in political science. Received his Master Degree in politics from Murdoch University, Perth, and currently he is PhD scholar (candidate) at National Security College, Australian National University, Canberra.

Mr. Tarek practiced journalism since 1993 in Lebanon, before he relocated to Australia where he was the editor in chief of Crescent Times the first Australian Muslim community newspaper. For his contribution to the community development, Tarek awarded the Australia Muslim Achievement Award in 2009.

His research interests include the rise of new political forces in post independents states especially within the Arab world and North Africa. He also focused on the Political changes and the intersection of modernity and identity within Muslim communities in the Middle East and North Africa. Post the Arab spring he published an essay on the “Neo-Islamism in the post-Arab spring” in the distinguished Journal of “Contemporary Politics”. Currently Tarek is researching the Geopolitics of resources in the Persian Gulf and broader Middle East, and its intersection with terrorism and counter-terrorism.

Mr. Tarek is a regular blogger and featured media commentator on Middle East affairs, Arab Spring, Geopolitics, and West-East relations and sociopolitical dynamics of change.

Tameur Nachef, PhD born 1970 Alger Center, Algeria


Received a BBA in Finance from ESC, Algiers Algeria, an MBA in corporate Management from university Sains Malaysia USM, and Doctor of philosophy (PhD) ‪in International Business Studies; Development Planning, and Development of Small and Medium Industries‬ .‬

Dr. Tameur Nachef comes with over 21 years of experience, of which 14 years in training, coaching, and consulting. During his professional career in Malaysiaز

Dr. Tameur successfully served different companies, clients, and individuals. He also acted as a consultant to various companies in Qatar, including Tasweek, RasGas and QMA. In addition to his engagement as a consultant and trainer, Dr. Tameur acted as a personal advisor and coach to different top executives.

His expertise ranges across many fields, including: change management, leadership development, human governance, strategic planning development, human capital strategic planning development, executive coach, negotiation and conflict transformation, as well as individual and organizational mindset development.

He has a number of publications and has been presenting in many conferences around the world

Issam Bencheikh, PhD, Born 1982, Alhajira Algeria


Holds BA in political science from Kasdi Merbah Ouargla University 2005, a Master from Ben Youssef ben Khadda  Algiers University 2008.

His master dissertation was about “Relation between states of Latin America and USA after The end of Cold war”.

He finished his PhD at Hadj Lakhdar Batna 1 University 2015, He won for his Ph.D. thesis, the Arab Women Organization Studies grant for the year 2011, about “women’s political participation in the Arab Maghreb countries.”

As a lecturer at Ouargla Univesity, Dr. Issam focuses his researches on Gender Approach, Social Movements and Revolutionary Changes. Hisareas of expertise include elections, political reforms, political socialization, civil society, Islamist movements and security.

Dr. Issam heads research group specializing in social movement issues in the Arab Reform Initiative Center in Paris, who is also an expert on gender issues in the Arab Women’s Organization in Cairo.

Dr. Issam is a senior research associate in many research centers in Algeria like the National program of scientific research (PNR), National agency of promoting national research. He has also participated as researcher in National Security Unit at National Commission of Evaluation of University Research (CNEPRU).

He has many active pages which includes over than 60 Scientific and cultural study, published in ( and (, ( The Arab Researcher ID.

Dr. Issam published continuously in subjects related to his field of interests, and contributed in many national and international conferences and seminars.

Amel Ouchnene, Born 1989, Constantine Algeria

Amel OuchenaAmalne, Born 1989, Constantine Algeria graduated from Constantine Mantouri university with BA in political science and international relations, she has a Master degree in international studies (African studies) from Algiers 03 university .actually she is Preparing for her dual Ph.D. in international relation (Conflict management and resolution) at Algiers University and Ph.D. researcher at social science faculty at Qadir Has University.

Amel research’s focus on different issues and regions especially conflict management, regional security, extremism and energy security in the MENA region and Africa. She worked on multiple subjects published in international and national academic magazines like The impact of transmission of force to the east on the geostrategic importance of the Gulf region, The dialectic of political Islam in Arab world, The role of civil society in the promotion of governance and political development in the Maghreb region..etc.

Amel Participated in different international events in conferences, internships, seminars and academies like UN model, OIC academy in Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Turkey, Russia, South Africa ..Etc. She is a member of JIWAR initiative about social reconciliation and civil peace organized by El-Shark forum .

Amel speaks 4 languages (Arabic, French, English and Turkish). Currently living in Istanbul.