Hassini Mohammed laid, Born 1965, Ouargla, Algeria.

MzcSDedical Doctor by profession since 1991, when he graduated from Annaba Univesity, Algeria.

Hassini further his passion by returning to university and studying political science. He holds BA and Mater from Ouargla University, Algeria. With over 25 years as Medical Doctor Hassini research focus more on policies especially in health care sector and how to implement good practices.

As director of emergency at local university hospital his practice and field experience benefit him in his master dissertation which focused on health care policies in Algeria.  Passionate about the subject he is following his PhD at Khider Univesity, Biskra Algeria.

Mr. Hassini participated in international and local conferences and published essays related to health care and how to improve the sector governance.

Hassini lives in Ouargla and he is a daily medical doctor in his private clinic.

Ouafi Chaya Born 1989, Algeirs, Algeria

walidReceived his BA from Algeirs Univesity  in political science and international relations and his Master in international conflict management from National Graduate School of Political Science, Algeria. Currently Wafi is following is PhD  in International relations at international Islamic university of Malaysia.

His research focuses on international order, International relations theory and theories and strategies of development.

Ouafi is living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Abdulvehab Ejupi, Born 1992, Skopje, Macedonia

abdelwaheb11Received his Bachelor degree in Political science and diplomacy at FON University, Skopje, Macedonia. Actually following his Master studies at “Istanbul University”, Istanbul, Turkey, and attending second master in Macedonia, at FON University in the field of Diplomacy.

Holds a certificate of participation from Council of Europe; School of Political Studies; CRPM (Centar for Research and Policy Making).

Contributed to the  International Graduate Conference on The Balkans – Presenting the paper with title: “Balkanism as an offshoot of Orientalism”.

Abdulvehab is active in social media contributing to public debates and participate in TV show discussing various topics mainly political and international relations.

Djibril Sefu This’B’em Wadjibou

jibrilBorn 1972, Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Holds BA and Master from Kinshasa University in political science and administration. Followed another extra curriculum in Management at university of Regenesys, Johannesburg South Africa.

Djibril followed rich career in both private and governmental sectors. He was ministerial counselor at many ministries namely, Ministry of work, Ministry of social affairs and Director de cabinet at Ministry of Humanitarian actions. Mr. Djibril attended many international conferences representing his country DRC, Dublin, Johannesburg, Kampala and many more. He is very active citizen and currently the secretary general of political party “Alliance pour la democratie et le redressement” (ADER) founded in 2010.

As lecturer and chef de traveaux at Kinshasa university Djibril area of expertise focus on political stability, political change, political development and regional politics like SADEC. Besides His contribution to general public debates, political discourse, and writing in newspapers, Djibril published two books, “economie de l’ombre” (Economy of Shadow) and in collaboration “Constitution of DRC risks and perspectives”. He is living in Kinshasa, DRC.

Hisham Daoud El GhandjaBorn 1990 in Algiers, Algeria.
hisham1Holds bachelor degree in political science and international relations from the University of Algiers 3 in 2012. Two years later received his master from the same university. Currently he is a PhD graduate student at Higher National School of Political Science. His Thesis will focus on Algeria and regional economic integration – the case of the Euro-Algerian partnership.
Hisham areas of interest focuses on international political economy and geopolitics. Besides he is interested in Islamic political thought and dimensions of value in the foreign policies of states.
Hisham published many articles and studies in both languages Arabic and English. He co-authored with Mr. Mohamed Zitouni in a series of Islamic history Manual which contains four books related to the study of Islamic history by applying political analysis.
Shiites and the Kharijites political history was a subject of one of his books published in Algeria. In 2017 another book will be published in Jordan ‘sectarian factor and its role in Iran’s foreign policy toward Iraq from 2003 to 2013’ which was the subject of Master thesis.

Hisham participated in a series of conferences and symposiums in Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey … and is a member of the Centre for Research in Anthropology, social and human sciences.
Hisham speaks three languages: Arabic, English, and French. And currently lives in Algeria where he is preparing a PhD thesis at the Higher National School of Political Science.

Amina Mostefa Della

amina-dellaHolds BA in political science from Oran University, Master from University Algiers 3, in Security and Strategic Studies.  Actually PhD student working on Security and Geo-strategic dynamics of the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Amina is assistant professor – Hassiba Ben Bouali University, Chlef Algeria and associate editor and researcher in laboratory of “reforming Arab’s policies under the globalization’s challenges. University Chlef. (

Amina published many articles and essays among others “The globalization and the process of theorizing in the field of security studies “, a research paper presented at conference “Globalization And  The Analysis Of International Politics” held on 10-11. Dec, 2014 organized by  laboratory of reforming Arab’s policies under the globalization’s challenges, Chlef. The Strategic Depth of Algerian Security: Security Border Between Libya And Mali”, Arab Journal of Political Sciences, Vol. 49-50 ((Winter – Spring 2016) and “The Dialectic Of Determining The Priority Of Night-Watchman State Or International Responsibility In Achieving Solidarity And Arab Region’s Specificity”, Arab Policies, Vol. 20 (May, 2016).

She was a visiting researcher to Department of international relations- Bilkent University 2015-2016 (Ankara-Turkey) and Center Of Eurasian studies AVIM , Ankara-Turkey (2015-2016).

Area of interest is Strategic and Security Affairs in the MENA region, Balkan And Caucasus, as well as the traditional and critical analysis of both Geopolitics and Security Studies.

Amina master Arabic, English, Turkish and French. Currently living in Chlef, Algeria.

Mehmet Fahri DANIŞ Born 1993, Istanbul-Turkey,
mehemet1Holds bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Economics, Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Istanbul. Currently pursuing his Master at the Institute of the Middle East and the Islamic world at the University of Marmara. Topic: State-building and peace, a study of the Lebanese model in state-building.
Mehmet followed a training at the Turkish centre of political economic and social studies (SETA).

Area of expertises focused on state building, development theories, role of nationalism in strengthening the process of state building.
Mehemet published many contribution like: political competition inside Syria between the political regime and the Muslim Brotherhood from 1963-1982, Islamic political impact of the Turkish innovator in the founding of the Ottoman Empire. The nature of the Cyprus problem from the perspective of national Turkish interest, the struggle for power in Syria: Assad’s Baath Party, the political administration and society.

 Amel Boukaabache. Born 1987 in Constantine, Algeria

amelAmel attended the Institute of Political Science at University of Mentouri Constantine from which she graduated in June 2009 with a University Degree in Political Science and International Relations, in addition to another University Degree obtained in June 2014 at the same University in English literature and Civilisaion. She followed her postgraduate studies in Paris, France, where she got two Master’s Degrees in English Studies and British Civilisation from Sorbonne Nouvelle & Paris Sorbonne respectively. Now she is preparing her PHD research project in international relations in Paris.

As a researcher of contemporary British civilisation, Amel wrote two research papers on Great Britain’s relationship to the European Union in the 21st century. The first was about the rise of Eurosceptics in British politics and their influence on the decision making. The second was concerned with Britain’s membership to the European Union from entry to Brexit. Being interested in the development of political systems, Amel wrote several short researches on syndicalism and political parties in Great Britain after the 2nd world war, feminism and socialism in 19th century Britain, immigration, multiculturalism, the question of identity in the United Kingdom, in addition to its relationship with the United States of America.

Amel has been devoting much time in studying and analyzing the political, economic and social situation in Algeria aspiring to bring her ideas applied on the ground. Besides, questions such as the situation of minorities and the rise of political extremism in Europe represent a main area of focus for her today.

She speaks Arabic, French and English. She is currently living in Paris, France.

AYOUB DEHEGANI. Born 1984, Khemis -Miliana (AIN-DEFLA) Algeria

ayoubHolds BA in political science and international relations from Algeirs3 University. Now he is PhD student. He was co-lecturer at Tisimsilt University and visiting fellow at Khemis Miliana University. Haleigh Russell is a second year master’s student in the Child and Family Studies Department.

Ayoub teaching experience evolved around Analysis of international conflict, foreign policy analysis, armament and disarmament control, conflict in middle east.
Ayoub published a book “The military strategy of the United States in Afghanistan 2001/2010” and “War and the new revolution in military affairs” at Defence review (March 2015).
His primary research interest is in regional security in the middle east and south central Asia, Internal conflicts and state-building in south central Asia, conflict and war Counter-insurgency and terrorism.

His was visiting researcher at Free University of Berlin Germany, Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS) university Philips Marburg Germany and The Center for Middle Eastern Studies Sakarya University Turkey.

Ayoub, speaks Arabic, French and English. he is living in Ain-Defla, Algeria.

Bouaffia Kamal, born 1987 Djelfa, Algeria

12200776_531454703670335_2127805958_n-3Kamal Holds Master in Political Science and International Relations specialization Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) and a Diploma in accounting and financial management of institutions.
he is also member of the diplomatic committee and International Relations in Algerian civil society Academy, and Secretary General in charge of the national organization for YOUTH FOR ALGERIA, also A member of the Child and Youth Protection Organization.
Kamal organized and participated in a series of conferences in Algeria, such as co-organizing the study day on human rights in December 2014 Djelfa University, and participation in the International Forum on administrative reforms in the Maghreb in 2013 Djelfa University, and Co-organizing the National Forum on democratic reforms in Algeria in 2013 Djelfa University, Participation in the study day about youth creativity between politics and society in 2013 Djelfa University, Organize awareness campaign on the phenomenon of child abduction and sexual harassment Djelfa 2012, Organizing a study day on “Child safety in Algeria ” 2012 University of Djelfa
Kamal published many articles on international affairs in several areas, such as Turkey Post and Railyoum, and Algerian sabq press news and Moroccan lak newspaper.
Kamal also participant in in debates defused at Aljazeera channel.

Sadek Hadjal , Born 1988, in Blida, Algeria
Holds bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations, from university of a Algiers, in 2012. Master in Regional studies and international relations, from university of Algiers, in 2014. currently Phd student in regional studies and international relations in unibersity of Algiers, working on State building in the Arab area, Libya as a case study.
Area of interest is: state building int the Arab erea, the inter Arab relations, and The Algerian Foreign Policy toward arab region.
Sadek Published some articles including : « the Social Movment and problimatique relation between state and society in the Arab area », Journal of Law and Political Science, Laghouat (Algeria), N°11, december 2016. « Regional frameworks for building regional security in South America » Journal of Law and Political Science, Laghouat (Algeria), N°13, March 2017. « The Algerian Foreign Policy in the context of Geopolitical changes in the Arab region: between the Consistency on principles and necessity of adaptation», journal of political science and law, Germany : Democratic Arabic Center, N°03, July 2017.
Sadek participated in some conferences in Algeria, such as the Internaional Forum about : « Social movements and the context of transformation in the system of values of loyalty and belonging in the Arab region » University of Chlef –Algeria in 19/20 April 2016, Study day about : « Security and energy in Algeria » University of Algiers in 2016, Study day about : « Political Trandformations in the Arab World and the Challenges of the Transitional Period after 2011 » University of Algiers in 2017, and study day about : « Research agenda of strategic studies in a volatile world » University of Algiers in 2017.
Sadek currently live in Blida/Algeria, preparing his Phd thesis about State Building in Arab area.

Djamila SERNIHBorn 1989 in Algiers, Algeria.

Holds bachelor degree in political sciences and international relations from the University of Algiers 3 in 2011. Three years later, she received her master from the Higher National School of Political Sciences ;spc : Foreign Policy Analysis .
Currently she is a PhD graduate student at the same school. Her Thesis titled : “Increasing the role of non-state actors and its impact on the International Peace & Security – Case study : The organization of the « Islamic state » in Libya since 2011”.

Djamila’s areas of interest focuses on the international studies ; besides she is interested in Terrorism, Decision Making, Foreign Policy…

Djamila participated in a series of conferences and symposiums in Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey on different issues : Migration, The dialectic of the relationship between language and society, The crisis of construction of the state in Libya …and others.
She was member of the Centre for Research in Human Rights in Comparative International Systems, University of Algiers 3.
Djamila speaks three languages : Arabic, French, and English. And currently lives in Algeria where she is preparing a PhD thesis at the Higher National School of Political Sciences.