Dr. Benjamin Nickels

Dr. Benjamin P. Nickels partners with African civil society and government leaders on security solutions that promote human rights, democratic values, and civil–military relations. He has worked with security professionals on the ground in 21 African countries and several European nations. Dr. Nickels’ research focuses on terrorism and counterterrorism, political violence, and human security in the Sahel, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa, as well as security cooperation in Africa and the role of U.S., European, and other international actors. He serves on the editorial board of the Marine Corps University Journal and as a contributor on Sahel and North African security forSada, a journal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Fluent in French and familiar with Arabic, Dr. Nickels has lectured in French and English at government meetings, international forums, and leading academic institutions, such as Georgetown and Harvard.

Dr. Nickels has received numerous academic awards, including a Fulbright scholarship to Morocco and a Chateaubriand fellowship in France. He holds a doctorate with distinction in history from the University of Chicago.

Areas of Expertise

Counterterrorism, Countering Extremism, Irregular Warfare, Identity Conflict, Democratization, Regional and International Security Cooperation, Sahel, North Africa, Horn of Africa, Algeria

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