Executive Council

AWCS is governed by an Executive Council who act as facilitator and coordinator of various activities

Riadh Haoui, Director

Riadh HaouiBorn 1970 in Ouargla, Algeria
Graduate from Batna University Algeria, holding double degree in comparative law and political science.
Worked many years in journalism in Algeria, as political analyst with focus on Algeria political crisis, rising elites questioning the political system, legitimacy problematic in post-independence Algeria, and democratic transformation process.
From 2000 until 2005 Mr. Riadh worked as vice honorary council of Djibouti Republic Consulate in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. With this new position he acquired wide experience in diplomatic affairs and participated in international conferences and meetings held in Kuala Lumpur, among others, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Heads of States 13th summit, held between 20–25 February 2003 and 10th Summit of Heads of States of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held in Putajaya between 16–17 October 2003, and various other bilateral and regional meeting and summits.
Riadh moved to private sector as International Marketing Manager in notable companies. With this new position he acquire a wide expertise in developing international markets, with extensive visits to many countries.
From 2014 till now Riadh Haoui is project manager implementing companies in Africa. Currently living between Malaysia and Congo Kinshasa.

Said Abdelkader Abikchi, PhD, Head of ُExternal Relations

said AbikhchiBorn 1982 Djelfa, Algeria
Holds a B.A from Algiers university in political science, and obtained his doctorate (PhD) in political organizations with thesis title: “Ibn Alazraq Political theory: A Study in political practice”. Currently he is full time lecturer at Jijel University in political science department which is part of Law and political science faculty.
At university Dr. Said is teaching Public Administration, making and implementation of policies. Before becoming full time lecturer he was a Researcher at Center of Applied Studies and Prospective Algiers. C.E.A.P. He has many contributions in local and international forums and conferences.
His area of expertise is focused on the intersection of civil society versus state and policy analysis in Algeria experience.

Djallel Khechib, Head of Publication 

jalalBorn 1987, Constantine-Algeria graduated from Mentouri Constantine university with BA in political science and international relations in 2009, Actually he following his postgraduate studies at Alger3 university and he specialize in the issues of Asian studies and International Relations. Also, he is doing another Master degree at The Institute of Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic World at Marmara University – Istanbul, Turkey.

His area of expertise are The international relations theories, Geopolitics and strategic studies, he also interested in Philosophy and Contemporary Islamic Thought. Khechib published various articles and studies in famous academic journals and center of researches like: The International Politics Journal (Cairo-Egypt), The Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies (Istanbul), IDRAK (Perception) Center for studies and consultations, (Istanbul), and also he translated many important academic studies in IR from English into Arabic. He published a book titled: “The prospects of democratic transition in Russia, a Critical Study for structures and challenges. The book was published by the Arab center for research and policy studies, Doha, Qatar, one of the very influential and renowned center of research in Middle East.
Khechib participated in different international events, conferences, internships, seminars and academies like, OIC academy, United Nations Development Program, El-sharq Youth Forum in: Algeria, Turkey, Russia, Jordan and The United Arab Emirates ..Etc.
He is a founder member of the International Network for young researchers (under construction) in Istanbul, and the responsible administrator for programs and research projects.
Khechib speaks 4 languages (Arabic, French, English and Turkish). Currently he is living in Istanbul following his postgraduate studies.

Noumane Bennamane, Head of Communication

Born 1986 Algiers, Algeria

Noumane holds BA double degree in economy and management from Institut d’administration des entreprises (IAE) Nantes and Master from IAE de Tours France.

His competency and sharp thinking allow him to be selected to follow his final master project in the prominent governmental enterprise Group Thales, in the domain of IS (information system) and project management. At Thales Group his project focused on developing of the Management System that control all subsidiaries across 56 countries. He was among the pioneer of this new field in Europe.

Noumane follow private career in company implementations and IT projects consulting.

He is active in social network contributing to public opinion formation, and participate in TV debates with various topics mainly political and economic subjects concerning Algeria and France present and future.